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Our Energy Consulting Mission:

We empower international collaboration for the use of working dogs for detection capabilities for the oil and gas industry with scientific subject matter experts, industry operators, and working dog practitioners.

About Our Detection Dog Work:

We formed The International Oil and Gas Working Dog Association (IOGWDA) in 2021 in response to rising worldwide interest in non-evasive leak detection methodology utilizing working dogs.

As regulatory demands for pipeline monitoring and leak detection grow, working dogs meet the challenge with the right mix of cost-effective external leak detection technology.

Industry confidence in working dogs’ performance exceeds demands in multi-faceted detection capabilities. Our work poses a high level of performance integrity due to the levels of olfaction backed by scientific research achieving the force multiplier with leak detection dogs (LDDs).

The ability for industry leaders to contact one another and connect is vital in working to accomplish the mission of the Association.

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Connecting Oil + Gas With Detection K9s

The International Oil and Gas Detection Working Dog Association brings together experts in energy fields with detection dog handlers to improve oil and gas line detection services worldwide.

The IOGWDA is committed to growing the community, developing information flow between K9 detection providers and energy industry professionals, and shaping future collaborations.

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Pipeline Leak

K9 detection services are the future of pipeline leak elimination. The IOGWDA brings together experts committed to improving leak detection methodology by utilizing K9 detection dog and handler teams.

Fill out our contact form to access our library of resources and join with professionals committed to the cost-effective and timely elimination of oil and gas pipeline leaks worldwide.

Our association combines industry expertise with the innate abilities of K9s and expert handling by skilled trainers to redefine pipeline leak detection standards.

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International Oil & Gas Working Dog Assocation

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